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What ever it is – ask me a question . . . I’m your trustworthy*, dependable*, caring* and above all empathetic* listening* Paramedic.  I’m here to help* YOU.

I will answer everything – and help make your day a better one!  Contact me below . . .

*it should be noted Binder is most likely none of these things – sorry

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  1. Hello,
    I am reading your great book: More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea.
    On page 105, you write about Green calls, and at the end of book, you write about
    amber calls.
    I found the explanation of Green calls, amber calls, and red calls on NHS Wales site. So those colour calls are used in Wales.
    I think your books is a story of London Ambulance Service. The Colour System (Green call, Amber calls, and Red calls) is used in London?

    • Ha ha sorry but wrong blogger. But in answer – I don’t think anyone officially uses that colour system any more (but I can’t answer for every trust in the UK). It’s all based on Category calls eg Cat 1, Cat 2 Cat 3 etc. But still has same punch as the colour system. Hope that helps

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