London never sleeps

I was Green Mobile (ready for a job) in the Red 1 Only period of my night shift.  This means it’s the last fifteen minutes before the end of shift (in the unlikely event you didn’t get a break) and to give you a fighting chance of getting off on time you can only be given the calls that are almost guaranteed “not breathing” or “cardiac arrest”.  We call it the Red 1 Roulette.

Sadly, I didn’t win this time . . . Continue reading

The penny finally dropped

I was sat in my FRU on standby outside one of London’s larger train stations.  It was a busy Monday morning and hundreds, if not thousands of people were going about their day, rushing to get here and there.

A random LAS FRU ripped from Google

What a random LAS FRU looks like

I’d managed to be here for over five minutes!  Without getting a job down on the MDT!!  Miracle!!!  But then, TAP TAP TAP at my passenger side window.  Looking up I saw a well suited middle aged man looking in and trying to grab my attention – uh oh, what could it be . . . ?  Someone injured?  Heart attack?  One under?  The possibilities were endless.

I wound down the window and smiled . . . Continue reading