Attacks on the increase

What is going on with this country!?

I’ve written about attacks on ambulance staff before- namely the night when I was gobbed in the face by a complete twat and then later attacked by a drunken man.

But it seems that attacks are on the increase.  Within the space of less than two months there has been a student paramedic assaulted with a baseball bat and then a technician attacked and knocked unconscious by a drunken man.  And these are just the ones making the news!

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Natural Selection

The other morning I passed yet another cyclist treating their life with careless disposition.  He must of been about 18 and was riding no handed – ie, one hand tucked deep into the pocket of his tight Shoreditch Trendie jeans whilst the other held an iPhone close to his belly.  On his head were thick ear muff head phones plugged into the phone and as he peddled along the ridiculously busy road in central London he merely had his head down and concentrated on writing a text.

. . . and how did the young idiot react to this?The crowning glory of this fool was when he rode straight through a red light and across a junction – forcing cars to screech to a halt before being given the chance of annihilating him on the spot.  And how did the young idiot react to this?  With his headphones on and head down, he didn’t even bloody notice!  Just carried on his merry way . . . the daft twat! Continue reading

Red 2 Hypo

I was on my way heading out West with a shell of a car to swap for a complete one.  That meant it had nothing on it for a medical emergency – other than my paramedic bag.  Technically this means I’m “off the road” due to not having the correct resources to deal with medical emergency.

However, being the geek that I am, I have a modified medical bag that allows me to effectively carry everything that would be in the O2 bag (including the oxygen) as well as my paramedic stuff.  Heavy yes, but once on your back it’s fine . . . it’s just I need a fork lift bloody truck getting it there!  So, I had a full bag, with O2, plus tech drugs and paramedic drugs.  In an empty car.

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London never sleeps

I was Green Mobile (ready for a job) in the Red 1 Only period of my night shift.  This means it’s the last fifteen minutes before the end of shift (in the unlikely event you didn’t get a break) and to give you a fighting chance of getting off on time you can only be given the calls that are almost guaranteed “not breathing” or “cardiac arrest”.  We call it the Red 1 Roulette.

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The penny finally dropped

I was sat in my FRU on standby outside one of London’s larger train stations.  It was a busy Monday morning and hundreds, if not thousands of people were going about their day, rushing to get here and there.

A random LAS FRU ripped from Google

What a random LAS FRU looks like

I’d managed to be here for over five minutes!  Without getting a job down on the MDT!!  Miracle!!!  But then, TAP TAP TAP at my passenger side window.  Looking up I saw a well suited middle aged man looking in and trying to grab my attention – uh oh, what could it be . . . ?  Someone injured?  Heart attack?  One under?  The possibilities were endless.

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